Tuesday, February 3, 2009



In the past, the term fairy has been related to a variety of different things. Many people originally called fairies little people or even the fair people because they are fearing to speak to them by their right name as they believe it would invoke their presence. The little people were thought to have been drove down underground by the iron weapons of invaders, which is why you might notice a horseshoe or a chunk of iron over the door of believers. Although the traditional fairy is not that of the one pictured in the Walt Disney films, it is still believed to be a positive thing.

A large amount of women will choose to get a fairy tattoo because fairy tattoos are part of the natural world and are very beautiful. Fairies are a lot more sensual then angels are and have a more mischievous and questionable history. A lot of the time, fairy tattoos are depicted with butterfly or moth wings. Fairies typically have a very free, earthly, and natural tone to them. Fairy tattoos can also depict a wide range of moods such as grace and beauty, sadness, anger, mischievousness or joy. While fairies are morely chosen by females, some men also chose more masculin fairies.

These tattoos are usually combined with other tattoos as well which may include fire, Celtic symbols, dragons or other natural symbols such as butterflies and flowers. Fairty tattoos are very versatile and can show up clearly and beautiful on any part of the body, however the majority of fairy tattoos are located on the lower back of a women's body.

Fairy tattoos can be very small or big although most are at a farily small size. The tattoo could be hidden on your hip, or on your shoulder, or various other places on your body. When in a larger tattoo, typically the fairy is just part of the design and it is inserted within it to add more beauty to the overall work.

Usually, the wings will allow the design to be able to fit well with the shape of the upper arm or the lower leg of your body so it leaves that place as an option as well if you wish to preveal your tattoo a bit more instead of keeping it covered up.

Fairy tattoos are beautiful and have great meaning. They are able to be placed almost anywhere and make a great tattoo for a man or a woman!

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